1981 Gulf Blue Porsche Carrera by Christofer Johnson

Last night I started putting the Carrera and Porsche decals on my 1981 Gulf Blue Porsche 911. I was really surprised at how great it looked. I still have a few more decals to install so more pics to come.

One comment on “1981 Gulf Blue Porsche Carrera by Christofer Johnson
  1. Somethings going on with that 991, no way a 991S pdk is only doing a 4.6 at 12.7. A 997S does a 4.0 at 12.2, it has to be the pdk bogging it down. the pdk is rellay only quicker if u have a carrera 4 or 4S. Other wise the 7spd is the quicker option, this car should have no problem matching the performance numbers of the 997S with the 7spd manuel, keep inmind the 991 is also bigger in every way than the 997.

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