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This is a shameless self-promotion for Christofer Johnson. I’m a SEO and Graphic Design professional. I’ve only worked in the Creative Business and will never leave unless they tie my brains behind my back. Luice Design is my company.

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  1. I have a 1977 911S with a SC engine with a finicky CIS system. Been looking at the Bitz Racing site and came across the EFI conversion package. My mechanic in Orlando says that my only option is to live with the CIS or get carbs which aren’t ideal for the pistons and cams that I have in a CIS engine and the mpg are less efficient than what I’m currently getting. I specifically asked if there was an EFI option and he said no. I had decided to sell my dream car and move on when I decided to look around the internet one more time when I found this website.

    I see that you have installed this system on your 911 and are satisfied with the package. How long have you had it and are you still satisfied? What are the downsides for type of conversion. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I want to do my homework before I approach my mechanic about this package. I think that efi cuts into his business by reducing his CIS repairs and he will not be in favor of this approach.

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