Fuch Rims Found In Central Florida 16″ x 10″ ???

Okay so I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing when taking on this project… I just sorta knew what I liked. And I LOVE the old school Porsche Fuch rims. I found a guy in Central Florida who was parting out a 1978 Targa that had been converted into a wide-body. The Targa had some interesting Fuch’s on it but they were very close to being trash due to the really bad chrome job. I took a chance and drove six hours straight to meet Mr. Targa. The rims look like the real deal and I could see some of the serial numbers. So I gave him $1000 for the rims and some OEM 930 wheel spacers. The rims had dry rot tires on them so I didn’t get to check for cracks or seams. I get them home and have the tires removed only to find that they were seamed together using two rear Fuch rims to create a 16″ x 10″ Fuch Rim.  So was I upset??? Hell No… I’m building a hot rod RS clone and what could be better than some custom Fuch Rims. It was like getting six for the price of one. I had the chrome removed and now gotta figure out if I can get them to fit on the clone.

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